So here’s the skinny! I graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign in 1995! At the time I was 7 months pregnant with thousands of dollars in credit card and student loan debt. Yes, I am telling all of my business. Honestly, most people assumed an unplanned pregnancy would be the kiss of death! A Chicago native and single mom, I moved almost 1000 miles away from friends and family to advance my career. My son turned 2 years old in Dallas, TX. The product of a single parent home myself, I grew up living in apartments all over the city of Chicago. We moved so frequently that I attended 8 elementary schools and 2 high schools. At 24 years of age, I was a veteran of the U.S. Army Reserves, I joined right out of high school. I also had a car, a college degree and a decent job. While family and friends expressed their concerns, the move from Chicago, IL to Dallas, TX with a toddler, did not seem like a big deal. In fact, I considered it a short term adventure. My original plan was to return to Chicago after a year.

Before long I had begun to build a community. Dallas had become my home. While other professional 20 somethings were buying designer clothes, purses and shoes, I had a different set of responsibilities. Instead of a 1 bedroom, I was renting a 2 bedroom apartment without a roommate. I also had the expense of daycare while negotiating past debts. In time my hard work paid off! Almost exactly six years after my arrival, the lower cost of living in the DFW area had allowed me to pay off my credit card debt and purchase my first home a few months before my 31st birthday! It would be another 4 years before I was done paying off my student loan debts.

In 2008 I met my husband, Robert Lee AKA Mr. Wonderful! Yes, I really do call him Mr. Wonderful! Spontaneous and filled with a zest for life, he was my perfect match! Although he was a spender he was also focused on paying off debt. We married in 2009 with an understanding of our credit scores and debts owed. We’ll go into more detail in actual blog posts. Fast forward to 2018. We are a blended family with two boys (23 &18). I came with the eldest. He came with the younger of the two. Our oldest son will graduate college in 2018 without student loans! Our youngest son graduated from high school in June of 2018! We are happily married, debt free empty nesters living our best life. Together we are working towards financial independence with a goal to have more control over our time! We serve an AWESOME God! It is our hope that others will join us in this journey as we continue to Learn, Hustle and GROW!!!