Money Tools

The right tools can make big challenges appear small! Having a solid grasp of your spending habits is crucial to taking control of your finances! If you bank with a large financial institution you have access to online tools that track your spending. This is a great place to start! Do you know where your money is going? The following are additional tools to help you understand and master your money:


  • Personal budget template Free spreadsheet that helps you gain insight into your expenses
  • Annual Credit Know what’s being reported to the credit bureaus in your name. (Free)
  • Credit Karma Check your credit score for free. Understand the components of your score.
  • Mint: Money Management Free app and website to help you manage your bills and spending
  • Personal Capital Money Manager Free online tool to track investments and net worth
  • Money and Marriage God’s Way by Howard Dayton
  • Buy Nothing – Shopping and Selling. Join your local Buy Nothing Facebook Group to Buy, Sell and Trade.
    • Note: You can post items for sale in the group and on FB Marketplace simultaneously for greater visibility.
  • NextDoor – Shopping and Selling with Resource Recommendations. Find local service people. Buy and sell.


We’ll continue to add to this page as it makes sense. We hope you find these tools helpful!