What about our luxury hotels?

This past Sunday, the wife and I sat around dreaming as we always do when the weekend is coming to an end. We are constantly racking our brains on how to become financially free faster! Suddenly, in the middle of my day dream, she says “Hey, you know that once we stop working we won’t be staying in anymore luxury hotels, right?” What!??? I said.  

Let’s just pause there for a second…  

We are what one would call “Hotel Snobs” yea, I said it. We prefer to stay in architecturally beautiful hotels with impeccable finishes. Unless we are in the city, we also like the beach or mountains within walking distance.  Oh, did I mention that these accommodations generally have four to five star ratings?

Yes, we love high end hotels. Who doesn’t? We save all year long so that on our anniversary, we can spend three to four days dreaming about what life is like for the rich all the time. Now the wife says that we have to give that up? Man, that hurts! I think she might be right though. Those places set us back a few hundred a night depending on the location. That does not include food unless it’s an all-inclusive. Yes, we travel hack.  The Mrs. and I  simply have not amassed enough points to cover all of our future stays. We are enthusiast rather than pros!

I looked around and checked out Fiji for example there were tons of (not as nice) ok places to stay for around 50 bucks a night.  We might also have to try short term rentals like Airbnb or VRBO.  After all, we’re there to see the beauty of Fiji anyway, so as long as the place isn’t completely terrible.  Perhaps we need wrap our minds around the idea of not being able to stay in luxury hotels.  It’s a fair trade off, if I get to see the world!

Note: Travel hacking is a tool used to maximize the value of credit cards. This practice is not recommended for individuals unable to pay the full balance on your cards within 30 days. Do not carry debt to obtain travel benefits.

Update: Mrs. LHG is now a home based travel agent! Luxury awaits! We’re thinking outside of the box! Email us at learnhustlegrow365@gmail.com if you would like to learn more about starting your own travel agency.

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