How we met

Warning….. Long Post
So It Begins….

I thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you all how I landed Mrs. LHG!  In short, we met while working at an online brokerage firm. I had been employed there for a couple of months as an IT guy handling all things tech support. There were four of us covering this very large facility. I had been in DFW for about a year now.  Single for about four years, I was actively hitting the dating scene. One day the fellas and I were talking about our dating situations. My buddy Tim who was about 10 years younger suddenly said, “Dude! “I know just the girl for you!” I said, “really?” He said, “she is one of the brokers here!” We got about 20 feet from the desk of a very attractive young lady. She rocked a short haircut, had high cheekbones and wore a yellow sweater that she was killing! WOW! I got to be honest y’all, the girl was fine!

I did not approach Reshawn right away. Knowing where she sat, I made it a point to find more work in her area. I awaited the opportunity to provide assistance. In my field, I can’t walk the hallways without SOMEBODY wanting me to look at something. I figured it would be an easy task. I was wrong… Yea, I know what some of you ladies out there are thinking. “He’s stalking her!” Whatever man, her whole demeanor was screaming “Come and get me Rob!” I’ve been waiting for you all of my life!” “I’m your kinda girl!” Bhahahaha!

The first time I ever heard her speak was a good day. Floating in the area I heard her say,  “Sir obviously you don’t want to make any money. I won’t waste any more of your time.” And she hung up the call by pushing a button on her headset! Both shocked and impressed I thought, can you do that??? Maybe in her field. Thirty seconds later the phone rang and it was that customer. He apologized. She said it was okay and let’s make some money. I was instantly in love! 

Waiting Impatiently…

Three months went by without her submitting a request for help. I was fed up! It was time to take matters into my own hands! I had just gotten a fresh cut and I felt good about my attire that day. I told the fellas, “if Reshawn calls for support today don’t help her.” Everyone agreed that her call would be funneled to me. Then I went to work! What’s the one thing that everyone needs to use on a daily basis at work? You got it, Email! I remoted into her PC and deleted the entire office suite! Hellz yeah, there’s no way she can dodge me right now! Within five minutes Tim busted in the door and said,  “Hey man, oh my god you were right she needs help and she tried to get grab me!” I asked him what he told her. He said, “ I told her that I was on my way to handle an emergency. Someone will be here soon.” My man!

I brushed my hair, straightened my collar and tucked in my shirt! It was on like Donkey Kong! I walked over with a Denzel like swagger. “Hello ma’am, is your computer broken?” She said, “Yes, I can’t be down for a very long. Help quickly please. I said no problem. Now I knew exactly what the problem was but I needed information. So I took my time and began the interview process! She attempted to wander off but I told her that it would be best if she stayed at her desk just in case I needed her to login (devilish smile).

I asked her where she was from, how she liked her job and other intrusive questions. I needed to know if she was who I hoped she was. She politely answered but didn’t seem to get that I was trying to get to know her better. But once I brought up kids, knowing she had one, that’s when she opened up! Bingo! She started showing pictures of her son who was almost 12 years old at the time. He would be 13 when he walked her down the aisle on our wedding day. I told her that I has a son too. From that point on it was a great conversation!  Man I was in there!

When Opportunity Knocks…

Later I saw her and her friends, the 3 amigos, taking a stroll. I asked them if they were going to the company Christmas party and told her that I needed her to save me a dance. I knew that this was my opportunity to talk to her outside of work since she was ALWAYS so professional.. I was AMPED the day of the event! Tim would be my wing man. I was going to make my move! It was time to let her know that we needed to be an item. She looked gorgeous in her silver cocktail dress! When I saw her, man my stomach dropped. Tim and I walked over and I went straight for Miss Reshawn. I wanted to make sure she was warmed up so I volunteered to refresh her Appletini. We talked a little. We danced a little. I even made sure we got a few photos together. He he he! Everyone kept making comments about how cute we looked together. Before I left, I made sure she knew my intentions.


Time Waits for No Man….

When I saw her in the halls the next week, I told her that I was heading to San Diego to see my son. I also took the opportunity to let her know that I would love to take her out when I returned. She hesitated because she thought dating someone at the office was a bad idea. Eventually I wore her down and she agreed to eating lunch together in the cafe. Shared meals at the office turned into phone conversations on her way home. I kept her company during her 45 minute commute. Before you know it, we were an item! Call me a romantic. I asked her to marry me on our 6 month dating anniversary!  She was who I thought she was! We have been together 10 years and married 9, at the time of this writing! We are best friends and we are killing this life together! I can’t imagine my life without her. I hope you have enjoyed my how I roped her story! Are you waiting for an opportunity? “Those that are intentional don’t wait for the moment.“- Cardiff D. Hall



  • Tunisia Forbey

    Wow!!! I am so blown away by your guys’ story. I am totally inspired. I found you all through Reshawn’s post in ChooseFI today. As promised I’m here checking out your blog and I love what I see. I am from the westside of Chicago, currently living in NJ with my husband of 9yrs. We have 2 sons, 5 and 2 yrs old, and we recently gained custody of our 9yo niece. I am new to the world of FI and I’m always looking for inspiration. Without sounding creepy you all are doing exactly what me and my husband are working toward. I’m a RN in L&D and my husband is a carpenter, he also has a side business doing home remodeling. We are currently in the debt payoff phase of our journey. We don’t have any credit card debt, but I do still have student loans, we have a car loan and 21yrs left on our 30yr mortgage. I have created a plan where we will be debt free in 2 1/2 yrs, not including our mortgage. With the mortgage we’re looking at an additional 3yrs. But we are doing everything possible to shorten the time lol. This stage of the process seems never ending but seeing success stories like yours truly gives me hope and motivation to keep going. I too started a blog chronicling our journey, I just haven’t had the courage to go live with it yet lol. Again, you guys are definitely motivation for everything we hope to accomplish. Thank you for sharing your story.

    • learnhustlegrow

      Thanks for checking out our blog!! Glad you like it! We really appreciate you taking time to comment! It sounds like you guys are in a good place! Congratulations! Completely understand any hesitation about going live with your blog but it sounds like you are ready! You have a plan! Allow people to follow you on your journey! Those 2.5 years will fly by! You got this! Keep hustling!


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