Welcome To Learn Hustle Grow!!!

Who We Are

In this blog we share our experience in real estate, personal finance and travel! We are Rob and Reshawn Lee AKA Mr. & Mrs. Learn Hustle Grow!!! We are debt free forty something empty nesters! Learn Hustle Grow is a blog that was birthed out of our shared passion for personal finance. In 2009, we joined our lives and our money! We started with a modified version of Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover! While paying off our debt we became real estate investors. Today, we are pursuing our entrepreneurial passions. Rob Lee is a Licensed Texas Realtor. I am a home-based travel agent specializing in group and international travel.

Before We Got Married

Before getting married, Rob and I reviewed credit reports, completed a (10 page) premarital questionnaire and attended premarital counseling through our church. We tried to be on top of our game! Money is one of the top 3 reasons for divorce, right up there with communication and sex!  We thought it best to have a plan.  After all, we were mature 30 something adults when we married!  Surely, we could figure this out. How hard could it be for two independent, eldest children with children of our own to join our lives and our finances? LOL! A lot harder than we thought!

Rob and I had very different views on money.  We both had the financial responsibility of being parents when we met.  We had also both made poor financial decisions in college. In 2008, one of us despised debt and had vowed to never make another credit card interest payment.  The other had dreams of becoming a real estate mogul and believed that debt was just a part of everyday life.  As newlyweds, we had to address some big questions:

  • How many accounts would we have?
  • How would bills be paid?
  • How much would we save?
  • What about spending money?
We Needed a Plan

Honestly, our premarital money plan had us on the path to an early divorce! Recognizing that our original plan wasn’t going to work, we actively sought out resources! In 2009, we implemented a modified version of the 7 Baby Steps outlined in Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover! This was a game changer! Without the principles we learned from this book, I have no doubt that we would be divorced or in need of serious counseling. We came to understand that a successful financial plan is less about how much you make and more about what you do with it.

Standing in agreement regarding our finances enables us function as a team. Joining our finances and understanding the difference between a need and a want has changed our lives!  Don’t get me wrong, we still argue but we do not fight about money.  As a married couple, we’re together every day.  Since beginning our journey 9 years ago we’ve accomplished the following:

  • Created a 6 month emergency fund
  • Learned to use credit to our advantage
  • Paid off $28,000 in student loans
  • Gone 8 years without a car note
  • Become real estate investors
  • Paid off our $300,000 home in 5 years
Progress. Not perfection.

While we haven’t reached “mogul” status, we have a shared vision for our family and we like where things are headed.  We are extremely grateful for everything we have learned from the personal finance and real estate community.  You can expect to see shout outs to Bloggers and Podcasters along the way. We hope our story inspires others to take control of their finances and pursue their passions.  Of course, we recognize that we can’t discuss real estate, personal finance and travel without providing some insight into our marriage.  Perhaps you see a little bit of yourselves in us.  Should you decide to join us on this journey, we recommend that you start with the About Us tab before moving on to Blog Posts. While our vision for our lives continues to evolve, Rob and I thrive when we pursue opportunities to learn, hustle and grow!